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Home Page

Welcome to my webpage. I hope you find it useful and informative. As your Delegate in the West Virginia House, I am focused on continued progress.

My overall strategy is simple: Jobs, Lower Taxes, Education, and a better West Virginia. Through a collective effort that is focused on the future, we can achieve these goals. I have a plan for the future and need your support to put this plan into action.

As a husband and father to a young child, it is vital that we make West Virginia a better place for our children. More jobs will keep our young people here at home. Lower taxes will benefit everyone; especially the middle class and this will also help attract new jobs to the State. Furthermore, by improving our education system, we help our children prepare for the future. I also believe in working for our teachers all while improving the infrastructure of our schools.

I believe in the future of West Virginia and the 20th District. That is why I am asking for your support.  – jm